What type of Fabric is used to make Mantis Fabric Pots?

Mantis Fabric Pots are manufactured using Geotextile Engineered Fabric. The Fabric itself is inert, durable and has a 20-year guarantee. The material has added UV stabilizer which makes it perfect for outdoor use and will not disintegrate with the South African sun.


What is the difference between a Velcro and Non-Velcro Mantis Fabric Pot?

The customer has a choice to purchases either a Velcro or non-Velcro pot. The intent of the Velcro is to make it easier for the customer to transplant or re-pot his or her plant, thus eliminating the chances of transplant shock. It is also an added benefit that the client can check the plants root system to see if transplanting is needed, root rot occurred, or pesticides are living in the soil.

The non-Velcro pot is ideal if you are not planning on replanting your plants soon. It still provides the added benefits of a Mantis Fabric Pot but is a little more cost effective.


Are Mantis Fabric Pots reusable?

Mantis Fabric Pots can be washed, dried, folded up and put away for the next growing season or to replant a new plant in. Mantis Fabric Pots are easy to store, thus not leaving you with an eyesore of pot plants standing around without plants in.


What happens when I water my plants in my Mantis Fabric Pot?

The water will seep through the pot, therefore placing a saucy pan underneath your plant will uptake the water again distributing the water evenly throughout your soil.  Because Mantis Fabric Pots provides good drainage for your plants it promotes oxygen movement in the root zone of the plant, eliminating rot root which is one of the main causes of plants dying.


What is the difference between the Grey, Black and Brown Mantis Fabric Pot?

There is no difference in benefits or price in the different color Mantis Fabric Pots. It is client preference, and it helps to differentiate between your plants when growing indoor or outdoor.


What is the difference between Mantis Fabric Pots and Mantis Bee-pots?

Mantis Fabric Pots comes in 5L, 10L, 20L and 40L with and without Velcro and is ideal for growing from cannabis till vegetable and so much more.

The Mantis Bee-Pot is a more decorative range, that stays cleaner for longer which is ideal for shallow root plants and succulents. They come in 3L, 5L, 6L, 8L, 10L and 24L and all of them come with Velcro.

Why does my Mantis Fabric Pot have white or green mildew on?

It is salt and nutrient deposits of the soil and water that shows up on the sides of the pot. It will not cause any harm to your plants and can easily be wiped or washed off.

Where is Mantis Fabric Pots produce?

Mantis Fabric Pots is locally made and Proudly South African. All our products are local, and we design and manufacture every Mantis Fabric Pot in South Africa. Giving you peace of mind that you will never run out, wait on imports, or expect different quality products.

What size Mantis Fabric Pot is right for me?

5L Mantis Fabric Pot is ideal for cuttings, seedling, germination, and small succulents.

10L Mantis Fabric Pot is good for indoor Cannabis grow, Peace Lilies, Snake Plants, and all medium sized plants.

20L Mantis Fabric Pot is our best seller and with reason it can grow all the above, vegetables, berries, mid-size cactus plants.

40L Mantis Fabric Pot is best for Fruit Trees, Cannabis, Rose Plants, Shrubs, Succulents like the Spekboom

The 3L and 5L Bee Pot is ideal for shallow root plants like succulents and Ferns.

The 8L Bee Pot is perfect for combination and grouping of succulents.

The 6L, 10L and 24L is good for herbs, indoor house plants, vegetable growing, succulents and all medium size plants.

What type of soil can I use in my Mantis Fabric Pot?

You can use any type of soil you buy from your local Nursery or a mixed soil of Coco Peat, Perlite, Vermiculite and Leca.

Can I place my Mantis Fabric Pot inside another container?

You will still get the same benefits when using your Mantis Fabric Pot and placing it inside a ceramic or decorative plant pot.

Is it normal for the roots to come through my Mantis Fabric Pot?

It is called Air-Pruning and it is one of the wonders behind a Mantis Fabric Pot. 

Air-pruning occurs when a plant's roots reach the side of the fabric pot. When the root tip comes in contact with the air the pruning will occur. This action will cause more roots to grow and the process will happen repeatedly , filling your Mantis Fabric Pot with a fibrous root system. 

Where can I find information about local Retailers who sells Mantis Fabric Pots?

Check out our website www.mantisgrow.co.za to find a Retail Store close to you or order online for direct delivery to your door.